My name is Valerii Tkachenko. Residing in Kiev, Ukraine(Brooklyn New York now), I’m a city landscape fine art urban photographer. I was born in Ukraine in the Poltava region. I love taking pictures and have admired the works of some of the best classic photographers, like Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz and a Chinese artist Dong Hong-Oai.

I love experimenting with the traditional Chinese style, incorporate calligraphy and try to depict an ancient style in my modern, urban photographs. My efforts are driven towards artistically documenting the historical aspects of the common life and the good in every life. I want other to feel the same emotions on seeing the pictures that I feel.

Through my pictures, though I depict the modern and urban world, I tend to show them as if they existed outside the time. I want to bring the “historical aspects of the common life” in focus through my works.